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Geographies of internationalisation

CHEF Talk by Hanne K. Adriansen, Associate Professor, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark.

12.08.2019 | Søren Smedegaard Bengtsen

Dato tor 05 dec
Tid 12:00 13:00
Sted Danish School of Education (DPU), Campus Emdrup, room D120. Video-link to CUDiM, Campus Aarhus, building 1483, room 656.

During this CHEF talk, I will outline the research project Geographies of Internationalisation, which started 1st of August. Using a spatial approach, this project aims at exploring how internationalization affects the perception of quality, relevance and learning in higher education and how these perceptions travel with mobile academics. We explore six common instruments used for internationalization: Inbound Mobility, Outbound Mobility, English as a medium of instruction, International Specialisation, Internationalization at Home, and Mobility of Researchers. First, these instruments are examined individually. We ask what becomes "the right knowledge" when teaching in English. Who the "good student" is when you have students from all over the world. How it affects pedagogy when educators travel after inspiration. Next, we look across the instruments to investigate how internationalization of higher education affects what comes to count as quality, relevance, and learning.